Post 1: an introduction

This is me.

My name is Candice. (Don’t you hate it when things start that way!?) I just turned 30, I have acquired my first ever cat (Binx Ur, he’s fantastic!), I roommate with my mom, I have a sickening British TV addiction (specifically Dr Who, Sherlock, Being Human, & Downton Abbey), I recently lost my dog (she was only 9 and was like my daughter), and -just in case you haven’t guessed yet- I’m single.

I’ve titled this blog the Antiromantic because I’m not unromantic, I don’t not believe in romance, I just don’t fully understand it. I believe I may begin to better understand the human condition by being overly critical of the most basic of human instincts; being with and relying on others.

A little more about me: I have had a string of unrelated unremarkable jobs, I’m teaching myself to knit and crochet, I do crafty things with my erratic and scatter-brained mother (needless to say, we have MANY unfinished projects that we’ll “get to one day!”), I LOVE movies and books and certain TV shows, and I have had only a couple long-term and badly ended relationships that have made me the unbearably cynical mess that I am today!

The last two actual relationships both ended when the other party literally just stopped talking to me (not that I expect anyone to actually read this, let alone care). The first I can understand,  we had just graduated high school and I had gotten a little too excited about leaving the island (did I mention I grew up on the OBX?) and he sort of freaked out, which I get. The second, however, had been a friend of mine for two years who I had had a crush on while having an affair with another friend of mine while he was dating another girl (I never claimed to be a saint…reread if you doubt me!), in any event, we had what I was hoping was a one night stand, then he wanted to date, broke up with his cheating girlfriend and we dated for four years and on the morning of our fourth anniversary got out from bed and left, never to be heard from again. My theory is that he was freaking out because I was about to leave for university and was being preemptive. That’s probably giving him a lot of credit. 

Ever since then I haven’t had anything near a conventional relationship. I had a long distance non-relationship, and a sexbuddyship (paton-pending). Needless to say neither of those worked out well. Now I’m just sort of here and 30 and trying to figure out what is what.

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